Ding Dong the Exemption Postcard is Dead

I just received a letter from the Cook County Assessor telling me that I did NOT need to fill out a homeowner’s exemption packet this year. For years, the county insisted on annually mailing postcards (and in recent years a packet) to every homeowner in the county. Homeowners were forced to sign and return the card in order to qualify for the homeowner’s exempetion for real estate taxes (reducing taxes about $400.00). Needless to say many people overlooked the cards or they were lost in the mail

The county has wisely dispensed with the yearly application. Now you only need to apply for the exemption if you just bought your property.

This change came out of left field. I called the assessor on April 16 and was told the packets were late and would be mailed soon. No one will miss filling out what was really an unnecessary form.

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