Cook Co. 09 senior freeze and homeowner exemption forms are here

The forms to apply for the Cook County homeowner’s exemption for real estate taxes and for the senior freeze are now available on the Cook County Assessor’s website.

The senior freeze has to be applied for every year and the applicant has to be 65 or older and have an income of less than $55,000.00.

The homeowner’s exemption does not require an annual application. However, anyone who bought real estate in 2008 should fill out the homeowner’s exemption application (one time only) because the homeowner’s exemption drops off after a sale and must be re-applied for after the closing.

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7 thoughts on “Cook Co. 09 senior freeze and homeowner exemption forms are here

  1. More of a question than a comment…

    If a senior citizen homeowner passed away in April of 2009, an estate was opened in July of 2009 and is currently still open, can the non senior person living in the home still keep the senior freeze and senior exemptions going even though the senior homeowner passed on in early 2009?

  2. Yes, you can apply for the senior freeze exemption for 2009 since the owner was entitled to it on January 1, 2009. Just fill out the senior freeze application and sign it as executor.

  3. So the non-senior can still claim senior freeze and exemption all through 2010 for 2009… and then since the senior was not alive in 2010 at all then in 2011 no matter whether or not the estate is still open it’s not possible to continue to get the exemtions and freeze?

  4. Peter, You can claim the senior freeze and senior exemption only for the 2009 tax year, issued in 2010. since the senior was alive on 1/1/09. For the 2010 tax year, issued in 2011, you will not get any exemptions or the senior freeze. Hope that helps. Tom

  5. Ok… that makes sense. So even though the estate may still be open in 2011, the exemptions won’t apply because the senior owner passed on in 2009.

    Thanks much Tom.

  6. My grandmother currently has the senior freeze on her single family home. We are thinking of tearing down the home and building three condo units. She would own and live in one of the units. Would her taxes still stay at it’s current amount or would they be reassessed then frozen?

  7. Tony, The freeze would stay in effect as long as your Mom fills out the annual application. Once the condos are built, the assessor will issue separate PIN numbers for each unit (the separate PINS take about two years from the year the condos are completed) and then she would have to submit a new senior freeze for one of the condo PINS. Hope that helps. Tom

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