Check your Cook Co. 09 tax exemptions online

If you bought a home in 2009, refinanced your mortgage in 2009 or recorded a deed into your living trust in 2009 please be sure to check to make sure that the county didn’t take away your homeowner’s exemption.  This video,  Tax Exemptions , explains that the county was yanking the homeowner’s exemptions of homeowners who refinanced. If that is the case, you must apply for a certificate of error to replace the exemption for 2009.

The Cook County Assessor’s website will now tell you if your 2009 exemptions (senior, senior freeze, homeowner’s and long-term occupant) are in place. Just click this link and enter the PIN for your property.

Generally,  homeowner’s do not need to re-apply for the homeowner’s exemption every year, unless the property was sold the prior year (or one of the other activities above happened). The senior freeze must be applied for every year.

On the subject of real estate taxes, there is a seminar at 7:30 pm on March 31 at the Village of Palatine Council Chambers on “How to Appeal your Real Estate Taxes Before the Board of Review” that may be worthwhile if you feel (like everyone) that you are over taxed.

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