The Illinois Deed Providers Controversy

I get several calls each month from clients saying they got a mailing from Illinois Deed Providers. The client asks: should I buy a copy of my deed for $79 from them? Illinois deed providers obtains a copy of the deed to your property from the county recorder’s office for you. It costs between $2 and $15 to get a copy of the deed, but they charge $79.

It is beneficial to have a copy of the deed, but not for $79. Channel Two News recently did a story on Illinois Deed Providers that said the service was not illegal, which is right, but that it’s misleading. Other bloggers have written about the service too.

Facts on deeds:

1. You get a copy of your deed at closing.

2. It does not mean that you don’t own your house if you don’t have the deed.

3. You can get a copy of Cook Co. deed from 1986 forward at

4. You can buy a copy at the other county recorders’ offices for the cost stated above.

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