Get started on your living trust

To get started on your trust, it’s as easy as one, two, three.

1. Please fill out my form.  This is an online form and pretty easy to use.

If you are a hard copy kind of person, you can use this pdf form: estateplaninforsheet

2. Next, click here to set up an appointment.  I get the online form automatically. If you use the pdf, bring it to the meeting. I don’t need it before the meeting.

3. Come on it and talk it over. The meeting takes about 30 minutes. We can do it by phone if you are too busy to come in. The trust is done and ready to sign within about 1 week.

After the trust is signed we usually have a funding meeting to get all of the assets correctly titled in the trust. This is an important step often overlooked by some attorneys who prepare trusts.

All living trusts include the following:

-Revocable living trust

-Will (pour over will to trust)

-Power of attorney for property

-Power of attorney for health care

-Living Will

-Deed to property

-Assistance in trust funding

-Annual reviews at no charge (there is a charge for amendments or restatements)