Scan Away

scannerFor the last five years I used a Canon flatbed scanner that was slow, but reliable. I read some reviews online and decided to upgrade to a faster sheet fed scanner. I narrowed it down to the Fujitsu Snapscan and the Visioneer 450

I picked the Visioneer for about $600 and bought it on It scans directly into PDF format which is essential for me because I use PDF to store documents and to send letters and other things faxed to me on to clients by email.

My only complaint (this may have more to do with my fax machine than the scanner): When I receive documents on my fax it curls them a little at the top. The scanner jammed alot at first when I tried to scan them in top first. The solution was to scan them bottom first, where they were flatter, and I haven’t had a jam up since.

This scanner is a must have. It saves a lot of time (scans 20 pages per minute) and helps us keep documents flowing out to clients and is an incredible aid in the never-ending attempt to stay organized.

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