Extranet mobile version puts case in palm of your hand

In 2007, I started using a client extranet.  An extranet is website that helps speed up and organize  communication in a case because it keeps a record of all messages and files, tracks deadlines and  notifies everyone when something is updated.  I  use it for a real estate closings and  trust administration.

This one was a winner from the start.

I like techo-things a lot (perhaps too much). So I go down a lot of blind alleys and try and cancel various software and apps. The extranet software has been hands down the greatest thing known to mankind (how’s that for hyperbole) because clients love it and it increases my productivity. I really don’t think I could function without it and clients rave about it, except the occasional technophobe with an aol address who “can’t log in.”

Now, there is a mobile version of the extranet software that makes it easy to use the extranet from your smartphone.

This is not an “app,” but a full functioning version of the extranet that works on virtually any smartphone.

My extranet is located here. To use the mobile version, the client just clicks that link in the browser on their phone and the extranet is available in the palm of their hand.  I use the mobile version all of the time on my Iphone to post updates when I am on the road and it works flawlessly.  Here’s a short video that shows it in action.

On the technology front, I am also currently in love with Fuzemeeting, which is an online meeting software program similar to Go to Meeting. I often use it to meet to meet online with clients who can’t come to the office or to go over living trusts before signing them. I rarely use the webcamera option since no one seems to like it.

The advantage of Fuzemeeting: Cheaper by almost half than Go to Meeting. Also, meetings can be hosted from an IPad or other tablet computer like the new ASUS Transformer that I am also obsessed with. Go to Meeting doesn’t allow meetings to be hosted on an IPad or tablet.



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